Sleep Number Bed Vs Select Air Beds

Air Beds

There are quite a number of beds that you can choose from. Each one offering the best possible features in order for you to choose them and take them home with you. You should be a wise consumer when you decide to buy a bed because this is one piece of furniture that will surely accompany you for a very long time.

Remember, your bed is the one place where you can rest after working hard all day. It is also the place where you can catch up with your reading and chat up with your friends over the phone. The bed is usually the place where couples make the most important decisions of their lives, not to mention a space where they can just lie down, relax and watch their favorite television shows. That being said, choosing the right kind of bed must be a top priority.

How do you land the best kind of bed if there are loads to choose from? You should at least form a basic idea on your mind on what you absolutely need from a bed in order to do so. So, what are the factors that you have to consider?

First off, it is best that you cut your choices down to two or three types of beds, and the best two you should consider are no doubt the sleep number bed or the air bed. These two types of beds are considered to be the most popular beds that are available in the market. Let’s start by delving deeper into what these beds are made of. Let us start to compare select comfort beds from air beds and hopefully this comparison will help you make your choice.

Considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of cutting edge beds is Sleep Number. This is a kind of bed featuring a remote control option to control the amount of firmness on your bed. Imagine your partner choosing a more firm texture while you decide to sleep on a soft one. This bed makes it possible for you to sleep more soundly and comfortably thanks to this feature.


Most dealers offer their potential clients a thirty day trial of their product. Consumers are given the option to purchase the bed and try it out for a period of thirty days, and after that interlude is over they either have the choice to use it fully when they are satisfied or return with a full refund if they are unsatisfied with the product. This guarantee is something bed owners should seriously consider, since some beds will feel different after some days of use than they did when you tried them for just a few minutes the first time.

Also, a Sleep number bed can be pretty costly. It can cost from a thousand dollars to about five thousand dollars depending on the design and the durability of the bed of your choice. These beds come with a warranty of close to twenty years, which makes replacing busted parts as easy as walking in the park. This is also a pretty high maintenance bed and needs to be taken care of continuously. You need a mattress cover to keep it clean at all times. Jumping around this bed is also a big no-no too if you want to keep it in tip top shape.

The more modest choice when it comes to bed hunting lies in air beds. These beds offer the same quality as that of comfort beds for the lower price available. You only need to shell out about seven hundred dollars to around two dollars maximum when you choose to buy this kind of bed.

The air bed is a very flexible bed. If you need to have additional space in your bedroom, you can suck the air out of the bed and then store it in your closet. Do you need an additional bed for your visitor? Then bring this one out so that he can sleep comfortably as well. You can also drag this bed along with you when you fancy going camping in the great outdoors, or if you choose to have a picnic in your yard or in the park. You can even carry it with you when you sleep over a friend’s house. Just remember to bring the pump along with you.

There is a more modern version of this kind of bed in the form of the adjustable beds, which are perfect for when you have posture problems like scoliosis. This bed follows the contour of your body to evenly distribute your weight on the totality of the bed. This can be quite helpful for people with posture problems, since sleeping in a neutral position is perfect to correct most of your them.

Do you have sleep apnea or GERD? Then the adjustable bed is also perfect for you because you are given the option to alter the position of the bed to make the top part higher than the rest so you can breathe normally again. Do you have leg problems like edema or arthritis? Then this is also the ideal bed for you because you can raise the foot of the bed higher in order to relax your legs. Choosing an adjustable bed is highly beneficial for anyone.

In conclusion, the choice is still in your hands and the options are presented for you to debate on, but the wisest choice according to those very facts is no doubt a select air bed.

Jeremy works with Select Air Beds, a website that sells a product comparable to a Sleep Number Bed in quality and durability at discount prices